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Best Shared Hosting Companies

This section can be skipped and you can jump directly to my top choice. Hostinger is the best shared web hosting provider. Shared Hosting is the best option 99.9% of the time if you are starting a new website from scratch. For larger sites with a lot of traffic, hosting is also available in other formats. Shared hosting is the best choice for those just starting out. This hosting requires very little maintenance. These are my top six shared hosting recommendations. These trusted options are provided by well-known companies. These websites are unlikely to scam you or cause any problems for your computer. After reading the reviews, I've included a buyer’s guide to help you decide the best option for you. #1- Hostinger reviews -- The Lowest Shared Hosting Prices Hostinger offers affordable hosting. Hostinger can provide a site that can hold up to 10,000 visitors per month for just $1.39 per month. Hostinger offers 30GB storage, which is quite expensive. If you are on a tight budget, this is a great way for your website to go online. For the best deal, you will need to pay the full amount for a 4-year hosting package. Let's take a look at the numbers. $66.72 for 48 Months at $1.39 per month. You pay less for hosting for four years. It is impossible to lower the cost. It is possible to get a better deal if you have a trusted host. Hostinger provides 24/7/365 live chat support for all plans. Hostinger doesn't leave you hanging. Hostinger actually offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The most affordable hosting package offers a surprising amount of features and services.

  • 1 Free Email Account

  • Backups every week

  • SSL Certificate Free

  • 100+ apps you can install in just one click

  • Starter Kit for WordPress

A free email account is easy to set up and use. Weekly backups can be a comforting and affordable form of insurance. Hostinger's entry-level plan is still my topic. All of the above is included for $1.39 per month. Hostinger charges $2.59 for each additional website. Hostinger charges less to host more websites than other hosting providers. More than 100k users are required per month. Hostinger is still available, but you'll need to be ready to pay $3.99 per monthly for Business Shared Hosting. Yes, renewing will result in a price rise just like other hosts. Hostinger renewal rates will be lower if you sign up for a longer term. Hostinger's renewal rates are lower if you sign up for a longer period. For example, the renewal rate of the 4-year Single Shared Deal at $2.99 is the rate for signing up for a year at $5.99 You either get an amazing deal or a great deal. Hostinger can be a great option for those who require hosting but don't want too much. Hosting your website with a web host will provide you with better performance than you thought. It will also cost less than an oil change to keep it running for four years. High school diplomas will be awarded before hosting is again required. To find out the maximum amount you can spend, contact Hostinger #2 - Bluehost Review -- How to Launch Your WordPress Site Today Looking for an all-in one solution to quickly set up WordPress? Bluehost is an all-in-one solution that anyone can use. Hosting and domain registration are required. Next, you will need to install WordPress. It's not difficult but there are some things you should know for the first time. Bluehost lets you get all the services that you need at a very affordable price. The steps to sign up and publish your first page are easy to follow. If you have any questions, or require assistance, contact customer service. I don't need to convince you. WordPress has recommended Bluehost since 2005. You can contact a service agent to get quick support for WordPress issues. A website is easy to create. It takes very little time to code and you don't have to spend hours looking for answers on the internet. Even if you have never made a website before, this is true. Choose a template to start your website. Choose the one that suits your brand best and then customize it. Bluehost provides custom WordPress themes that you can customize. You can customize fonts and colors to fit your needs. Bluehost provides many additional features to WordPress tools. These features make your site safer and more efficient with little effort.

  • Automated WordPress updates

  • Verification of Google Business

  • CDN Free

  • SSL Certificate Free

  • Domain manager

SSL certificates are often overlooked when launching websites. It is essential that you ensure your visitors are secure. Bluehost makes it easy to activate an SSL certificate on your entire website. You can enable the CDN with one click and make your site more responsive. These features are vital, but you don't want to mess with them. Bluehost makes it simple to get the Bluehost benefits with minimal effort. Bluehost provides standard shared hosting for websites that require more than WordPress. This is a great deal. If you are certain that WordPress will be your only platform, I recommend Bluehosts WordPress hosting plans. These hosting plans cost the same as shared hosting but offer faster speeds and greater security. One advantage to shared WordPress hosting is that the servers are optimized for this purpose. This makes it more efficient and safer to host other websites. Bluehost shared WordPress Hosting comes in three options: The Basic plan is best for those who are just starting a site. 50GB will suffice for most sites. You can upgrade to Plus for unlimited storage, and Choice Plus comes standard equipped with automatic backups. Bluehost does NOT offer monthly pricing. Bluehost offers three-year plans, one-two and three-year plans. The longer the plan, the deeper the discount. You get 3 years of hosting at $2.95 per month. Hosting plans include resources and services that are included with your plan. You don't need to pay an extra fee. Bluehost offers greater savings than hosts that offer discounts for the first year. Everything you need to get started is right there. Hosting plus free domain plus WordPress. Step-by-step guidance will be provided and you will have 24/7 support. Bluehost offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for any experience that is not satisfactory. Bluehost will get your WordPress website up and running. #3 - A2 host review - Escape from a Nightmare House! It is not easy to move sites from one host. I won't reveal names, but I was ripped off by customer support and priced so high that I had to find a new host. A2 Hosting can help you get your website out of trouble. A2 will transfer your website for free. This is huge as the process involves more than simply transferring your website. A2 has site migration specialists who can assist you in ensuring everything is safely moved. Although many companies offer tools to speed up the process it is still a DIY move. A2 handles it all. A2 customer service is significantly better than what you used to get once you have your account setup. Support is available 24/7 via email, phone or live chat. Customers have a reputation for being able to quickly solve technical issues. When things go wrong, there is no need for you to be lost or confused. A2 is constantly upgrading to new technologies so your site will be more responsive. Turbo plans include LiteSpeed web servers that deliver 6-11 times the performance of other providers. A2 Hosting is a reliable platform that integrates with the most popular tools. For WordPress, WooCommerce, and Joomla, one-click installation is possible. Your host can offer you bundled benefits that are unheard of, such as

  • 100 GB Storage

  • Unlimited email

  • Unlimited subdomains, parked sites

  • Site staging

  • SSL Certificate Free

  • Malware and virus scanning

You will not get unlimited email with an entry level plan. Usually, you will have to pay more. Site staging is not a feature that is available in shared hosting. This allows you to test new features in your website's development area before they go live. How about 100GB? This is two- to three times the storage space you'll get for such a low price. What's the best part? If you pay three years in advance, it is $2.99 per month. This is an incredible value. The monthly rate of $6.99 per month is affordable even if you only have one year to commit. Monthly contracts are $10.99 A2 is an excellent choice for shared hosting because of its great service, abundant resources, and useful bundled features. Although the renewal rates aren't high, they will be evident. This is the truth. Customers who have been with A2 for many years give A2 five-star reviews. Customers praise their excellent customer service. Customers have told us that they switched hosts after renewing and then returned to A2 to find out how wonderful they were. This option is great for sites that are exceeding their resources with their current host. Your site might be too slow or you may run out of storage space. A2 Hosting is the solution. A2 Hosting will provide you with a great deal and a free site transfer. Your final host is A2. No more migrations. No more customer service delays. You receive the help you need at the pace you prefer. A2 can help you avoid subpar hosting today. #4 - DreamHost reviews -- How to Avoid an annual pricing plan DreamHost will provide you with the best website at the most affordable price. DreamHost offers great rates for long-term customers but they also offer fantastic deals month-to-month. This is a good option for people who need reliable hosting but not a long-term partnership. Shared hosting starts at $4.95 per month. All you have to do is enter your email address to get started. There is no bandwidth or storage limit, so you don't have to worry about overage charges. The shared server cannot support more than your site can handle. A Shared Unlimited plan is a good option if you are looking to create a website or an online store. The monthly cost is $8.95, and there's no long-term commitment. You might think that customer service and performance will suffer if not enough money is invested from the beginning. DreamHost guarantees a 100 percent uptime. The company will reimburse you if your site goes down. It's a win/win situation. DreamHost does not have to pay anyone. The sites never go down. DreamHost's customer support is excellent, too. Email us at any time of day to get in touch with us. You can also reach us via email during business hours (5:00AM - 9:30PM PT). This service covers more than the entire continent of the United States. DreamHost is an official WP provider recommendation. DreamHost is a great choice for WordPress websites if you don't have the money to invest. Bluehost is great, but you have to sign up at least for one year. Bundled services such as can help you save time and money.

  • Google Analytics, and Google Workspace can all be installed with one click

  • Automated WP Migrations

  • Automated Backups of WordPress

  • 200 WP templates

  • SSL Certificate

  • Protect your domains for free

DreamHost provides domain privacy and protection free of charge for life. This will protect your business and personal information from the public eye, which I highly recommend. It costs between $10-15 per year with other providers. If your DreamHost account is at least one year, DreamHost will provide a domain for free. DreamHost also offers domains for sale at a very reasonable price. You can save even more with the one-year and three-year plans. For a one-year plan, Shared Unlimited or Shared Starter cost $2.95 per month. For three years, Shared Starter costs $2.59 per month. This is a great deal no matter how you slice and dice it. DreamHost offers shared hosting at a monthly price. These plans are more affordable than monthly hosting with other hosts. Start now with the Shared Starter Plan starting at $5 The price goes up slightly to $7.99 after three months. Hosting costs are very affordable considering the many resources and excellent customer service. DreamHost might be forgiven for not being more flexible with their refund policy, since you don’t have to sign anything. In reality, however, it is the opposite. DreamHost offers a refund within 97 days. This is a lot more than other hosts. Cancel at any time. Cancel at any time. No contract? No problem for DreamHost. #5 GreenGeeks Review: The Best Socially-Conscious Business Products GreenGeeks is a reliable hosting company with many valuable bundled benefits. It's true. It's quick and you get better customer service than you can get elsewhere. This hosting plan is eco-friendly. Every web host has massive server farms that use energy to deliver their services. The internet is a polluting resource. GreenGeeks doubles the amount required for hosting an internet site. GreenGeeks is a green hosting platform that's "300% green." This is how GreenGeeks is defined. This will reduce it because you get more power back than you take in. Despite how noble this might sound, I wouldn't recommend GreenGeeks to anyone who didn't offer hosting services. It is. Big time. Each plan provides the best performance for shared web hosting. It's very affordable and offers a variety of services that will increase the speed of your website and save you money. These services are available for as low as $2.50 per month:

  • Nightly backups

  • 50 email accounts

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • 50GB storage

  • SSL Certificate

  • Domain registration

  • CDN

  • Site builder

Site builders and email will cost you more than other hosts. Both are available for free at GreenGeeks. There are fewer things to do and more time to maintain courtesy backups. For a $10-15 dollar savings, a domain name can also be included in the first year. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day. You can reach us via phone, email, chat or ticket. The company is well-known for providing excellent customer service. GreenGeeks is one host that offers site transfer services for free. Bluehost is the best for setting up WordPress websites, but GreenGeeks is an excellent choice. GreenGeeks supports Joomla and Drupal. This is a great choice for people who don't intend to use WordPress. GreenGeeks makes it easy to install these apps and then automatically updates them. GreenGeeks provides three types of shared hosting plans. The Lite plan includes everything I have mentioned. This plan is perfect for people just starting out. You can build unlimited websites with the Premium and Pro plans. These plans also provide greater resources to assist your site in handling increased traffic. Whatever plan you purchase, you will find almost everything you need to manage your website. All your website information can be accessed from one place. Shared hosting renewal rates are average. It is not unusual to observe this. But don't forget. Hosting GreenGeeks events each year is an opportunity for you to give back more energy than you take in. GreenGeeks can turn a new page today. #6 WPEngine Review: The Best High Traffic WordPress Websites It's clear that the person responsible for creating this stunning WordPress website knows how important it is to be maintained. It doesn't mean you have to be this person. WPEngine lets you create stunning content, while your hosting provider takes care of the technical details. This is particularly important if you have a large site with a lot of visitors and need to offer interactive features. Your website will run smoothly, and everything will work as expected. WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting plans. Although you can save money by sharing server space among WP Engine tenants, managed WordPress hosting plans will provide better performance and support as it is managed. Bluehost is a good choice for a basic WordPress site or blog. WordPress maintenance becomes more difficult once you reach a certain size. WP Engine handles all backend work to ensure your site runs fast. This will have a positive impact on your visitors. All the latest plugins, video capabilities and intuitive shopping carts available. Everything works in perfect harmony as potential customers navigate your website. This will help you build a positive and professional online image for yourself and your company. It doesn't take much to set up a website or maintain it. WP Engine handles a lot of technical stuff, but you still have complete control. WP Engine will give you more tools to create your website than any other platform. WP Engine Hosting has many benefits, including:

  • 30+ premium WordPress themes

  • Staging site

  • Backups daily

  • Blocking of threats

  • CDN

  • Automated WP Migrations

The premium themes can be purchased in bulk for more than $2,000 each. It is possible to create a website that is different from the rest. This is what really makes WP Engine unique. WP Engine lets you create custom themes using premium themes. Millions of WordPress websites use the same theme. You will be different from the rest. WP Engine allows you to test new ideas completely free. This is a great place for testing new themes and plugins prior to going live. A staging area is safe for developing sites. If you have any problems, you will also receive the best WordPress customer service. WP Engine customers love the quality and speed of the support. Customers will happily pay more to have peace of mind. WP Engine's shared hosting plans cost more than WP Engine but offer more. WP Engine is truly premium in every aspect, from themes and support. Get 20% off your order if you enter my promo code at sign-up. WP Engine will help you make the most of every dollar that you spend. WP Engine is an easy site to use. It doesn't take much time or money to create a site with WP Engine. WP Engine prices do not increase after renewal. Two months of free service are available if you sign up to an annual plan. The price of the plan does not change. WP Engine offers introductory rates that are substantially higher than other web hosts, but they are still very affordable. WP Engine offers managed hosting plans beyond the ones I have described. Managed hosting plus allows you to keep your plugins current and offers plans for ecommerce hosting. WP Engine can only be used for WordPress hosting. If you are looking to host multiple websites on the same host, this is not the host for you. Bluehost can host any kind of website. They also offer managed WordPress plans for those who require more than shared hosting. WP Engine is however the best option if you want a premium WordPress experience. WP Engine allows you to take your website to the next level with minimal effort. WP Engine can be reached at any time. What I Did To Find the Best Shared Hosting Services Shared Hosting is a great way to save money and keep costs down. It's entry-level hosting. This is an excellent option for websites with small visitors. With other hosting options, like dedicated, cloud or VPS hosting, you can host hundreds of thousands of users per month. These hosting options require more upkeep and responsibility. These can cost you five, ten or twenty times as much each month. Still, you want a website that is fast and always available. Even though you share server space, you don’t want the basic functionality to be compromised. Done. These web hosts are trustworthy and have a track record of excellence in site security, performance, and reliability. This is the best shared hosting available. Each web host offers its services in a unique way. Let’s get into the details so that you can get the best price for what you want. Comparison of the Current Price and the Renewal Rate Renewal Rate While shared hosting may be the best option, it is still important to have a hosting plan that works for you. Multi-year agreements will usually get you the best price on most hosting plans. A multi-year agreement can be expensive, even if it costs only a few dollars per month. Is that plan worth it? It is not worth the effort to register only to discover that the "cheap" plan is more than what you actually need. DreamHost can be a great option for people who are looking for a low monthly price. Some hosts won't let you sign up for less than a year. The renewal rate is a significant price factor. All web hosts offer promotional offers to encourage users to sign up, but these are only available for a short time. This is a smart move. You will be locked in at the lowest rate for the whole term with a four-year Hostinger agreement. It is the most cost-effective option, even though it comes with a high upfront price. Resources Limits Do Not Box You I mentioned that I selected shared web hosts to provide the best performance for my clients' websites. Each provider will have a different allocation of server resource. Even if your host is stable, performance can suffer if you exceed these limits. Choosing your website design or content on the basis of limited resources is not a smart idea. Determine how much storage space is needed. An image posted by a blogger with only one image will take up more space than a wedding photographer who has thousands upon thousands of photos and video. A2 Hosting's entry level plan provides 100GB storage at a low $3 per month. All other A2 plans offer unlimited storage. Many shared hosting plans offer unlimited storage. It will not count towards your site's usage. You cannot save seasons of your favorite TV shows. Bandwidth is another important resource that you should be aware of. Bandwidth is the data that can pass between site visitors and your website. Bandwidth can affect the speed of your site and the time it takes for visitors to load it. We all love fast websites and better rankings. But how much bandwidth can you access? WP Engine is an example of one such provider. On their pricing page, they list the bandwidth as well as an estimate of monthly users. This is particularly helpful for website owners who are just starting out. It's easy to understand the concept of 25,000 monthly visitors. It is important to determine how many visitors your web hosting server can handle. Web hosts that claim unlimited bandwidth mean you have unlimited possibilities. This is a shared server with finite resources. Site performance will be affected if other sites or your site use more resources than they can handle. For those who only have a blog or a site, site resources are not an issue. Your site will not have many visitors per day, and each visitor will use very little bandwidth. But, when you add interactive features to your website or WordPress plugins, you need to be aware of what you get and what you will have to pay for more. Bundled Service You Really Need Hosting is not the only service offered by many providers. These packages can include other services that will save you time and money. You end up spending a lot on things you don't need. These are some bundled services most users will find useful:

  • Domain name You need a domain name to put your website online. This is your website address (mine is at neilpatel.com).

  • Website backups : This sounds just like it. You don't have to install any third-party software or manage your site backups

  • SSL certificates - Secure sockets layer certificates (SSL) encrypt traffic when people fill out forms or enter payment information. Chrome, Safari, and other browsers will alert visitors if your site doesn't have SSL certificates.

  • Website builder – With a website builder, you don't need to know any programming to make your site look exactly how you want it to. To edit page elements visually, drag and drop them.

  • CDN - A content distribution network allows you to store your websites on several servers in different countries or around the globe. This makes your website load faster for visitors.

  • Domain privacy: If domain privacy is not enabled, information about your company will be made public when you register your domain. Some hosts charge an additional fee for this service while others provide it at no cost. This is a great way of preventing spam.

  • Email: You want an email address associated with your domain (info@exampledomain.com), so it's convenient if hosts include this for free.

If this is your first website, this site is for it. Domain registration fees can be reduced by $10-15. You also save time and money when you point your domain at your host. Bluehost provides a free domain name the first year. It is also easy to set up, without the need to search for domain registrations. Automated site backups are a great option for novices. WP Engine takes care of all this so that you don't need to set it up or pay for it. A website builder is a great option if you want to customize your website's appearance. Hostinger provides a site builder for a low price but comes at an additional cost. GreenGeeks costs a little more, but it includes a site builder at no additional cost. Bluehost doesn't require you to hire a website builder if your site is WordPress-based. You can build a professional WordPress website right away with templates and custom themes included in the hosting package. Cloudflare can also be used to receive a free CDN, if your email address is already registered for your business. These services can be distracting. Support You Can Count On Hosting is all about customer support. What happens if your site goes down? What happens if your website goes down? Your website will be taken down every second. I highly recommend this group of shared hosting companies because they provide great customer service. They can be reached at all hours of the day and night. I consider 24/7 support essential. Some support channels offer more assistance than others. A2 and GreenGeeks provide support via chat, email, and live chat for all plans they offer. Some plans offer only phone support for premium plans. The number of support channels is not enough to tell the whole story. WP Engine only offers live chat for the lowest-tier plans. However, they have excellent customer service reviews. Because people can talk to someone with WordPress expertise, live chat support is extremely popular. Reading reviews is not the only way to find out the truth. The trial period can provide you with actual evidence. I chose hosts that offer a risk-free trial period. You can also submit customer service requests during this period, such as tickets, calls and chats. Try every avenue. It shouldn't be difficult to find the answers you need quickly. If it's not, that's a red alert. Find a web hosting company that will help you transfer a website you already have. This can be very complicated. A2 or GreenGeeks can migrate you site for free, so I recommend you check out these companies if you have one. Conclusion If you are just starting a site or have an existing one, shared hosting is the best option. As your site grows, you can upgrade your hosting. It will suffice for you now. Let me share my top recommendations for shared hosting.

  1. Hostinger -- Lowest possible price for shared hosting

  2. Bluehost -- Get your WordPress website online today with the best service

  3. A2 Hosting – The best way to escape a host who is causing you nightmares

  4. DreamHost -- The best way not to be charged an annual fee

  5. GreenGeeks - The best for socially conscious businesses

  6. WPEngine -- WordPress site with high traffic?

Hostinger has been my favorite choice. It comes with everything you need for a successful website. Bluehost is the best option to get your WordPress website started. There's no easier way to get started. It all depends on your goals. Other options might be more efficient than Hostinger or Bluehost. You must move from your current host. A2 is my preferred choice, as they offer a free site transfer. You don't need to move anything and everything will transfer seamlessly. DreamHost is an excellent choice for people who are looking to save as much as possible their first day. Shared hosting can be obtained at a low price and of high quality without signing a contract. GreenGeeks is your best option if you're looking for hosting that improves the environment. Hosting is an affordable way to support renewable energy. WP Engine may be the right choice for you if your goal is to create a WordPress website with high traffic. It is not suitable for small sites, but it can be used for sites with a lot of traffic.